Seminaras internetu su Dmitry Osika ( sausio 28 d.)

Welcome to the second online webinar with Dmitry Osika.
Dmitry holds 4th dan JKA and is JKA/WF Belarus president and chief instructor.
His approach to karate is based on the principles of continuity and diversity. He aims to pass the knowledge of karate and Japanese culture from his teachers in Japan to his students. Dmitry is a member of Karate@Home initiative and has been teaching online since the beginning of the pandemic.
This time you can join his live webinar in Zoom. Here are some details of the event:
– Organized by JKA/WF Belarus in collaboration with Dojokai Moscow.
– Date: February 28th, 2021.
– Time: 9AM – 10:30AM CET (11AM – 12:30AM Moscow).
– Topics: Advanced Kihon, How to use the whole body.
– Languages: English and Russian (if necessary).
– Participation fee: 10€ per person or family. Groups may have discount.
If you are interested in the webinar please find the following form. First we will send you the link to the payment platform (either PayPal or Yoo.Money). After the payment is confirmed we will send you the private link to the Zoom meeting.
More information :
We are looking forward to seeing you online. Let’s practice the Art of Karate together!